a hackathon by the Toronto Youth Network

6ixBits Hackathon - Nov 13-15, 2020

About 6ixBits

6ixBits is a virtual, student-led hackathon open for high-school and university students, hosted by the Toronto Youth Network. It is predicated on both helping to network inspired, like-minded individuals as well as encouraging hackers to express their innate creativity and capability for innovation.

Revolving around issues of global significance, 6ixBits aims to take both beginning and skillful coders alike on a 3-day long experience that facilitates learning, growth, and networking opportunities. Most of all, we hope that 6ixBits hackers gain the courage and vision to tackle global issues in their own unique ways.

6ixBits, despite being a virtual event, is also designed to immerse hackers through workshops, keynotes, game nights and other virtual activities to provide a relaxed and memorable experience for all.

The executive team of the Toronto Youth Network are ecstatic about 6ixBits; we hope it will be an unforgettable three days for all hackers!

Code of Conduct

DATE November 13-15, 2020

PLATFORM Discord & Devpost

THEMES Education, Health, COVID-19, Environment, Gender Equality

    November 13th DAY 1

    7 - 7:30 PM | Opening Ceremony

    7:30 PM | Hacking Begins

    9:30 - 10:15 PM | Pei Li Entrepreneurship Keynote

    12 - 12:30 AM | Skribblio Event

    November 14th DAY 2

    10 - 11 AM | FDM Python Workshop

    1 - 1:15 PM | BrainPower Workshop

    3 - 4 PM | EchoAR Workshop

    4:30 - 5 PM | Among Us Event

    10 PM | Project Check-in

    11 - 12:30 PM | Among Us Event

    November 15th DAY 3

    2:30 PM | Hacking Ends

    3 PM | Judging Begins

    5 - 5:30 PM | Closing Ceremony


Get feedback from our selection of accomplished judges.

Patrick Lee CEO KuzoClass

Alon Grinshpoon CEO EchoAR

Judge Name TBA Judge Role TBA BrainPower


We will have useful workshops from acclaimed professionals.
Come learn something new!

Introduction to Python

by FDM

Learn EchoAR in 15 Minutes

by EchoAR

A Dropout’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

by Pei Li (Founder, CodeMode & HackThe6ix)

BrainPower Workshop

by BrainPower