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The Toronto Youth Network is a student-led organization in the Greater Toronto Area dedicated to growing students' connections and allowing for networking with one another through numerous events held throughout the year.


Our mission is to provide students with an atmosphere that facilitates learning, growth, as well as meeting amazing people during the process. We believe that students networking together have a profound effect on the community, which is why we have invited students from around the GTA to participate in our events. We have also partnered with various other non-profit organizations to facilitate learning and growth among peers better. We believe the synergy created by bringing people together will carry on the legacy of the Toronto Youth Network.

Our Team

George Shao
Executive Director
Justin Gu
Director of Branding
Jaden Han
Director of Management
Jeffrey Song
Director of Logistics
Dhyey Mehta
Director of Operations
Yang Xu
Director of Marketing
Edwin Zhang
Director of Advertising
Richard Feng
Director of Media
Marcus Chan
Director of Sponsorships
Karl Chen
Director of Volunteering
Marie Ting
Graphic Designer
Aaron Schu
Graphic Designer
Thomas Wu
Web Developer
Aung Min
Web Developer
Jason Tai
Technical Coordinator
Annie Cai
Logistics Coordinator
Harvi Karatha
Logistics Coordinator
Deyi Zhang
Logistics Coordinator
Issa Li
Logistics Coordinator
Sherry Feng
Sponsorship Coordinator
Bianca Morelli
Sponsorship Coordinator
Vivian Feng
Sponsorship Coordinator
Olivia Leblanc
Sponsorship Coordinator
Maggie Guo
Sponsorship Coordinator
Parth Taiwade
Marketing Coordinator
Sean Tran
Marketing Coordinator
Selma Ghasemi
Marketing Coordinator

Past Events

Just some events we've hosted in the past.

FinHacks 2019

A FinTech hackathon organized in partnership with Target Alpha for students interested in finance, computer science, design, and related fields. We had a prize pool valued at $4750 plus stickers, swag, unlimited pizza and milk tea!

InspireHacks 2017

Toronto's first student-led design hackathon. InspireHacks 2017 allows you to build your ideas through prototyping and designing. Design the future!

Network Nights August 2017

Network Nights is all about getting entrepreneurs, developers, youth startups and organizations under one roof to grow and spark some discussion!

MLH Local Hack Day at Shopify Toronto

A 12 hour hackathon at Shopify Toronto that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate building awesome technology.